Cost of Residence in Uruguay – Estonia

September 20th, 2007

I thought I would post the cost of getting Permanent Residence in Uruguay for a married couple, and the cost of Temporary Residence for one person in Estonia. All cost are in US$:

Lets start with the cost for URUGUAY :

Obtaining the original or certified documents (4 documents required-my birth-certificate, our marriage certificate, and 2 FBI finger print card one for each of us for the FBI identification reports.) from various agencies in the USA. = $125. 

Luba’s birth certificate from Estonia (her birth certificate issued during Soviet time wasn’t acceptable) =$10.
Obtaining the Uruguayan Consulate legalization in the USA (2 in Los Angles and 2 in Miami at 42 each) and Translated Estonia birth certificate document and the legalization (1 in Tallinn, Estonia at 122 dollars) = 300.
Translating fees in Montevideo for 6 Documents by APPROVED IMMIGRATION TRANSLATORS at $51 each = 306
Use of an ImmigrationConsultant (Fatma Silva) – $783

Total cost of two Permanent Residence Permits in Uruguay to date is US$ 1524.

I have spent several times that getting Luba’s as a permanent residence in the USA after we were married.

Overall Uruguay is at least a factor of 10 times easier and maybe 5 times less costly to become a permanent residence than in the USA. Total time to get our Temporary Residence Permits was 16 days, and expect final Permanent Resident status at 1 year.

It isn’t cheap but it is far better than most other country I know of. If you spoke Spanish and had plenty of time you could do it for 741 dollars. And if you already had copies of all of your documents you would save another 135 dollars, but you will lose all of your originals to Uruguay. Uruguay Immigrations keeps all of your originals – birth certificates, marriage certificate, FBI Identification Cards, and your proof of income (US Social Security statement in my case), except for your passport.

Now the cost for ESTONIA :

I have just applied for Temporary Residence Permit for Estonia, so that I can stay there more than 3 months with my wife who has permanent status. They require you to leave when you have a vistor status, for 3 months before you can re-enter, after your 3 month visitor status is over.

The cost for the Estonian Permit was less than $100, if you have an translator who speaks Estonian like my wife. They accept your application in English or Estonian so no translation cost are required. But they require six months of bank statements showing you have more than 3,000.00 per month income and proof that it will continue for the rest of your life. Estonia Immigrations doesn’t require any criminal background checks, just a statement that you sign saying you have never been arrested for a crime. No birth certificate, or marriage certificate since I was applying as an individual.

We asked for a speedy answer and they responded in 17 days with the answer of OK. The permit is only good for 2 years and then it must be renewed. To renew the permit you must live in Estonia for 183 days per year after you receive your acceptance or reapply again. That will be tough for me starting in 2009 when our place in Punta del Este at Torrelobos will be completed.


I received an Estonia European Union ID card 28 days after applying or 11 days after my OK approval. That has to be a record for any country that I know about. (I have taken my ID numbers off of the photo.) The card looks just like my wife’s except on the back it says “Working in Estonia is not allowed”, and “not valid as a travel document”,  which means I must still use my USA passport to travel outside Estonia. That is the way they keep track of how many days you stay in Estonia.

Total cost of one Temporary Residence Permit in Estonia is US$ 100.

Now I am eligible for medical care in Estonia regardless of my age. More on this later!


September 17th, 2007

Wanted long-term rental of 200+ sq. meter house or hi-rise Apartment between Monteviedo and Punta del Este. Prefer closer to PDE. with garage or secure parking. Does not need to be ocean view but in a low crime area. We will also require security alarms to be installed at our expense. Family of two with one container of furniture from the US. Prefer 3 bedrooms, 2+baths, unfurnished house, except furnished kitchen. Needed starting February 2008 until May 2009. Must have the available of hi-speed internet to be installed at our expense. Price should be less than US$ 12,000.00 per year payable in advance with additional months payable month by month in advance plus common expenses. Total length of time depends upon the completion of Torrelobos in Punta del Este.